NIA Arrests JeM Operative for Involvement in J&K Terror Conspiracy

In a significant breakthrough, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) has successfully arrested a key member of the notorious terrorist organization Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) in connection with a terror conspiracy case in Jammu and Kashmir. The apprehension, which took place on Sunday, marks a major milestone in NIA's unyielding efforts to dismantle the nefarious plans devised by banned terrorist outfits operating across the border, with the aim of destabilizing India through acts of terrorism within the state.
The recently captured individual has been identified as Mohd Ubaid Malik from the Kupwara district, according to an official statement issued by the NIA and received by Kashmir News Observer (KNO). Intensive investigations carried out by the NIA have uncovered that Malik maintained consistent communication with a JeM Commander based in Pakistan, exchanging sensitive information, particularly regarding the movements of security forces and troops.

"The accused has been found to disclose classified intelligence, specifically related to force deployments, to the Pakistani-based Commander," the statement affirms.

Furthermore, the NIA has recovered several incriminating documents from Malik's possession, exposing his active involvement in promoting and facilitating terrorist activities within Jammu and Kashmir. The agency initiated the case, registered as RC-05/2022/NIA/JMU, on June 21, 2022, following the detection of suspicious activities linked to conspiracies orchestrated by members and Over Ground Workers (OGWs) associated with various proscribed terrorist organizations. These groups closely collaborate with their Commanders based in Pakistan, engaging in illicit activities such as drug trafficking, cash circulation, weapon smuggling, and the manufacturing of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), including remote-controlled sticky bombs and magnetic bombs.

The NIA's investigations have revealed that IEDs and explosives are frequently transported via drones and are also locally assembled, indicating a worrisome trend in the region. These lethal devices are intended for targeted attacks against minority communities and security personnel in Jammu and Kashmir. The conspirators utilize physical and cyberspace platforms, particularly encrypted social media applications, to plan their operations, with the ultimate objective of inciting unrest, disrupting communal harmony, perpetrating acts of terror, and waging a war against the Government of India.

With the arrest of Mohd Ubaid Malik, the NIA has dealt a severe blow to the Jaish-e-Mohammad network operating in Jammu and Kashmir. This achievement underscores the agency's resolute commitment to thwarting terrorist activities and safeguarding the security and well-being of the region's residents. The NIA continues to actively pursue leads and collaborate with intelligence agencies to neutralize threats posed by such extremist elements, thereby upholding peace and stability in Jammu and Kashmir.

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