Devastating Fire Engulfs House, Leaving Three Families Homeless in Dhadkai Village

Devastating fire engulfs house in Dhadkai village, Jammu & Kashmir, leaving three families homeless. Urgent action needed for relief accessibility.
In the early hours of 19th May, a sudden and fierce fire tore through a two-storey house, reducing it to ashes and leaving three families devastated in the quaint village of Dhadkai, located in the Gandoh Bhalessa area of Doda district. The fire, which erupted around 1:00 a.m., consumed the entire house despite the valiant efforts of local residents who rushed to the scene to extinguish the flames.
The blaze brought tragedy not only in the form of a destroyed house but also in the loss of valuable possessions. The house owner had recently arranged 2 lakh in cash and three sets of gold ornaments for his brother's upcoming wedding, all of which were lost in the inferno. As the smoke cleared and the flames subsided, the affected families - Jamat Ali, Lal Hussain, and Mohd Israel - were left without shelter, their lives upended in an instant.

Local BDC Chairperson, Choudhary Hanief, commended the heroic actions of community members who managed to save six nearby houses amidst the chaotic circumstances. Their swift response and bravery prevented further destruction and ensured the safety of their neighbors. However, the rescue teams faced significant delays in reaching the affected area due to the unavailability of a proper road leading to the village, allowing the fire to spread uncontrollably.

The lack of adequate road infrastructure has proven to be a major hurdle in dealing with emergencies effectively. Sarpanch Pyt Dhadkai B Choudhary Mohd Latief and BDC Chairperson Choudhary Hanief jointly expressed their concerns over the incident, emphasizing the urgent need for the district administration to address the road accessibility issue promptly. They called for immediate action to prevent similar tragedies in the future and ensure timely aid to distressed communities.

In light of the dire circumstances faced by the displaced families, the local representatives have appealed to the district administration to provide them with relief funds. These funds would play a crucial role in helping the affected families rebuild their lives and provide them with the necessary support during this challenging period. The road to recovery will be long and arduous, but with the aid of the community and the district administration, the families can regain stability and rebuild their homes.

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